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noviembre 30, 2023 [Miami Wonderland]

Christmas Wonderland

Información del Evento

Fecha: noviembre 30, 2023
Lugar: Miami Wonderland
Dirección: 7900 SW 40th Street, (Bird Road & the Palmetto) Miami, FL, 33155
Sitio Web: https://miamiwonderland.com/
Evento: https://www.facebook.com/christmaswonderlandmia/about

A Christmas Wonderland Adventure

Twas a hot November day, in Miami not so rare, With sunshine ablaze and warmth in the air.

But Gabriel our lad longed for Christmas cheer, In Miami, it wasn’t quite here.

Bells at dawn softly rang, Gabriel followed their sweet clang. A big blue gift, a magical spell, With a leap and a tumble to a land of festivities, he fell.

This was Christmas Wonderland, enchanting and grand, Where dreams danced to life, like grains of sand.

The snow resembled cotton candy, all in hues so bright, Reindeer pranced and danced, in the warm sunlight. Elves laughed and worked, their joy a splendid sight, Crafting toys for children, in the golden light.

His journey led him into a new realm, In Miami’s HoliDade, where joy took the helm. The Gingerbread Factory, oh so grand, And the Toy Town he saw, across the sun-kissed sand.

On Sweet Street, a confectionery spree, Giant candy canes as far as the eye could see. Mrs. Claus’s Bake Shop, warm and sweet, Gingerbread cookies, a delectable treat.

To Toy Town he ventured, his heart a-flutter, Elves, giant toys, and rides that would sputter. Pinky’s Workshop, where his dreams took flight, Crafting ornaments ‘neath the starry night.

Through a frosty portal, he stepped right in, Arctic Delight, where the snowflakes spin. The Ice Bar, for parents, a chilly thrill, While Gabriel skated, a joyful skill.

Town Square beckoned, a warm embrace, Tony’s Tree Lot, an enchanting place. A Christmas truck, a timeless grace, By fireside, with Mrs. Claus, a serene storytime space.

Next to Santa’s Village, where dreams came alive, Reindeer stables and elves did strive. Meeting Santa, with a twinkle in his eye, In a place where Christmas magic would never die.

As the day made way for the night’s embrace, Tinsel Trail turned into a magical space. Music and lights, in perfect sync, A dance of joy, you’d almost think.

To the Magnificent Midway, he made his way,With roller coasters and a ferris wheel at bay. ‘Eye in the Sky’ soared to the heavens high,Over 150 feet, almost touching the sky.

Exhausted but aglow with delight, Gabriel returned to the box, the portal so bright. With a grateful heart and a tear in his eye, He climbed back in, bidding the lands goodbye.

Back home, he awoke in his room so dear, The blue gift box vanished, but his heart held it near. Gabriel yearned for the next Christmas to arrive, with memories of magic that kept dreams alive. For in his dreams, he’d return to the grand sight, Of HoliDade, Sweet Street, and the endless delight.

And as he grew older, in wisdom and age, Gabriel would cherish the tale of that stage. Of a Christmas adventure, so wondrous and long, A journey of magic, in rhyme and in song.

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